About Langful

What is it?

Langful's purpose is to make language learning enjoyable, interactive, and collaborative. We use entertainment paired with technology to assist you in learning foreign languages.

The Founder and Developer

A picture of Eric Demers in front of a forest background

Hello! I am Eric Demers - the founder and sole developer of Langful. I am a computer scientist from Ontario, Canada who enjoys video games, photography, music production, gemology and most importantly natural languages. I have my masters in computer science, and an entreprenurial spirit to complement it.

I started studying languages at around 15 years old, inspired by my cousin who was learning Japanese in Japan. I love anime, and self-studied Japanese for a year before going on exchange to Japan for 5 months - an amazing experience. I took a break from languages for a while after that to focus on school and programming, then started to self-study French. My methods were unorthadox - playing MMORPGs on French servers - but quite effective. I was hungry for more entertaining ways to learn language. This is when the idea for Langful started to form. I then postponed my French studies when I learned about Esperanto. I currently study Esperanto, and ASL. I plan to study French, Toki Pona, and possibly Japanese again once my Esperanto and French are good enough.