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Phrase Meaning Origin
Ĝis (la) Phrase - "Until next time we see each other", or literally "Until the reseeing". Short form of "Ĝis la revido".
Krokodili Verb - To speak ones native language when among Esperantists There are various suggested origins.
Aligatori Verb - To speak a third language that is not your native language, nor Esperanto. Most likely derived from the usage of "Krokodili", since other reptile-related idioms about language also exist with "krokodili" begin the first.
Gufujo Noun - An event at Esperanto gatherings where games are played, and snacks and light beverages such as tea are enjoyed. Comes from the terms gufo (owl) and ujo (container). Owl refers to people staying up late, and container refers to the room in which the event occurs.
Kabei Verb - To fervently and successfully participate in Esperanto, then suddenly and silently drop out. The term was coined shortly after Kazimierz Bein had left the movement.
Ĝis la nokto nokto fin' Phrase - Meaning "forever" or "very late into the night" literally "until the night's end". From a song by Esperanto Desperado (Espo-Despo) titled "Skavirino".